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PRESS RELEASE–May 18, 2022
Central Christian School Launches $3.2 Million Capital Campaign
Central Christian School of Hutchinson, Kansas, recently announced plans for a $3.2 million capital campaign. “We’ve had great success during the quiet phase of the FORWARD capital campaign, and now is the time to share it more broadly to provide opportunities for others to financially partner with us,” stated Superintendent Dr. John Walker.
The preschool through Grade 12 school became debt-free through the quiet Phase 1 of the FORWARD Campaign, and progress is being made toward the campaign’s Phases 2 and 3. Phase 2 addresses capital improvement projects, including completion of additional classrooms and paving the school’s parking lot. Phase 3’s goal is to raise over $1 million to go toward student scholarships, facility maintenance, faculty development, and the general fund.
Walker stated, “The Lord has kindly provided for CCS since it was founded in 1948. Seventy-four years of the Lord’s provision has brought us to this point, and now is the time to position ourselves for the next 74 years of Christian education in Reno County. We have the opportunity to build upon the foundation that was laid by those who went before us. It is our responsibility to plan for the future, move forward, and pursue excellence.” 
Central Christian has a goal of $3.2 million over the next three years; however, Walker acknowledged, “We move and build at the speed of money, and a major gift now would help bring the campaign finish line into clearer focus. The Lord’s will and His timing are what we are after.” The school hopes to celebrate the successful completion of their capital campaign by September 2023, which will be its 75th anniversary.
Walker stated, “Investments today will make a difference tomorrow and lead to future returns as we pursue our mission to be an excellent Christian school. Certainly, we invite the Hutchinson and Reno County community to consider three ways to support the FORWARD Campaign: pray, participate, and provide. Without broad, generous financial support, this school would not be possible.”
To learn more about Central Christian School’s FORWARD Campaign, visit the school’s website at https://cc-ks.cmstemp.comnews-events/forward-campaign.cfm
Central Christian School is a qualifying charitable 501(c)(3) organization, so donations are generally income tax deductible. Those interested in financially supporting the school through cash donations, appreciated securities, IRA charitable rollovers, retirement plan assets, real estate, a life estate, charitable remainder trust, charitable gift annuity, or other means are encouraged to email CCS Director of Development Shawn Powell at or call the school at 620-663-2174.