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Student Life




The goal of the activities program at Central Christian School is to help students to conform to
the image of Christ and bring honor to Him. Success is determined by faithfulness to our Savior
and stewardship of His gifts, not human accomplishments. Our desire is that students “increase
in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man,” as Scripture records of Jesus Christ
(Luke 2:52). The result of the knowledge, skills, and attitudes taught should be qualities that
reflect the character and work of God.



Music is an integral part of the CCS experience. Students are encouraged to participate in vocal
and/or instrumental music. Concerts are held throughout the year, and high school students
earn one credit per year upon completion of class.


An effective and successful athletic program is an integral part of the educational experience.
Central Christian School views athletics as a ministry opportunity both on and off the field.
CCS competes in the following areas:

  • Boys Football
  • Boys/Girls Basketball
  • Boys/Girls Track
  • Girls Volleyball
  • Cheerleading
  • Golf
  • Boys/Girls Cross Country

The school community takes great pride in the competitive tradition being established at CCS.
All students, participants, and spectators are expected to exemplify Christ-like character.